New Year’s Revolutions

Here’s a twist on this years top new years resolutions.

  • Drink Less – Drink less of the wine of Babylon (false teachings) and more of the true living water.
  • Stay fit and healthy – Are we fit for the Kingdom? Do we have a healthy appetite for that which is good?
  • Lose weight – Let Christ roll away that burden of sin you’ve been carrying.
  • Enjoy life to the fullest – “This is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.”
  • Spend less, save more – Spend less time in strife and more time saving souls.
  • Get organized – “Be ye all of one mind,” which means the same as “Endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace.” All should seek to draw as closely together as possible, by dwelling upon those things in which all can agree, rather than upon those things that seem to create a difference.
  • Travel more – All the treasures of the universe will be open to the study of God’s redeemed. Unfettered by mortality, they wing their tireless flight to worlds afar—worlds that thrilled with sorrow at the spectacle of human woe and rang with songs of gladness at the tidings of a ransomed soul. With unutterable delight the children of earth enter into the joy and the wisdom of unfallen beings. They share the treasures of knowledge and understanding gained through the ages upon ages in contemplation of God’s handiwork. With undimmed vision they gaze upon the glory of creation—suns and stars and systems, all in their appointed order circling the throne of Deity. Upon all things, from the least to the greatest, the Creator’s name is written, and in all are the riches of His power displayed. GC 677
  • Read more – If the Bible were read more, if its truths were better understood, we should be a far more enlightened and intelligent people. Energy is imparted to the soul by searching its pages. Angels from the world of light stand by the side of the earnest seeker after truth, to impress and illuminate the mind. All who are dark of understanding may find light through an acquaintance with the Scriptures.—Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, pp. 125, 126.

Help me never forget the cost

Have you ever wanted a “do over”… a “second chance”? Christ is just that. In the beginning…in Eden, the Spirit moved upon the earth that was formed in the image of God and it became living flesh. This Adam became negatively charged, fell and drug the world down with him. A second time, the Spirit moved upon a virgin (made of the same earth) and the second “Adam” was born…this time not to fall…this time to keep the positive “+” charge from above and regain the fallen earth.

I was concerned that I would forget in Heaven what was done on earth to save me because I am so prone to forget right now. I felt that if I could just remember, then I wouldn’t fall. Scared that sin might rise up a second time in me, I prayed and asked God to help me to remember at what great price my place in Heaven was bought…then immediately my prayer was answered when I read these words:

The cross of Christ will be the science and the song of the redeemed through all eternity. In Christ glorified they will behold Christ crucified. Never will it be forgotten that He whose power created and upheld the unnumbered worlds through the vast realms of space, the Beloved of God, the Majesty of heaven, He whom cherub and shining seraph delighted to adore – humbled Himself to uplift fallen man; that He bore the guilt and shame of sin, and the hiding of His Father’s face, till the woes of a lost world broke His heart and crushed out His life on Calvary’s cross. That the Maker of all worlds, the Arbiter of all destinies, should lay aside His glory and humiliate Himself from love to man will ever excite the wonder and adoration of the universe. As the nations of the saved look upon their Redeemer and behold the eternal glory of the Father shining in His countenance; as they behold His throne, which is from everlasting to everlasting, and know that His kingdom is to have no end, they break forth in rapturous song: “Worthy, worthy is the Lamb that was slain, and hath redeemed us to God by His own most precious blood!” – Our Father Cares


“From Saul to Paul” – Bible Commentary on Acts 9:1-19

Wit & Wisdom revealed through prayerful study of Acts, Chapter 9, verses 1 through 19. Commentary by Joshua Hullender.

Saul was asked to do something that was not only completely opposite to his former way, but asked to do something which was impossible without the aid of those around him. Can you imagine how vulnerable a situation it must have been to go blindly into a town in which your reputation precedes you while carrying “papers of persecution” against those of “the Way”? This three days of blindness would have been the most opportune time to end Saul’s life…but God had a better plan.

After 3 days of blindness, scales fell from his eyes. This word, “scales” is most appropriate and reveals two profound truths.

In Matthew 12:34, Jesus refers to the Pharisees as a “brood of vipers”. Snakes, having scales, shed these and “become new” at various stages of life. This was a visible, physical and parabolic evidence of a yet unseen spiritual transformation that had taken place.

But, if I understand the “scales” as an instrument which measure and weigh the balance of things, then the falling away of the scales point to Christ having paid once-for-all. Saul’s heart and eyes formally weighed his fellow man using the “Scales of the Pharisees”. The ideal and balanced Pharisee followed the Law of God as well as an ever-growing set of “rules” about God’s Law.

Jesus simplified everything with two words: “follow Me”.

If Jesus is “The Way”, I hope to always be “in the Way”, so to speak, without being “underfoot”. 🙂

Jesus mentions earlier in Matthew 5:20 that “… unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees…you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

All the energy Saul expended fiercely persecuting the followers of Jesus, Paul now called upon during some of the mightiest and most everlasting acts of servitude toward Christ’s Church. To this day, I remember the goodness of God through Paul rather than the destruction caused through Saul.

I feel that nothing can stop a plan from God. In fact, it’s just the opposite…you might even find yourself fighting “for” what you were “against” just a few days prior. He not only changes our direction according to His will, He stirs a passion within us to see the journey through to the end.

Here blinded I stand…
…as Your grace takes my hand.
I’ll travel wherever You lead me.

With Love as my guide…
…and I right by His side;
A helper to all those who need me.

God sees the good potential in all of us. With as much strength as I ran from God, I now chase after Him. Where once I was filled with evil, I now thirst for truth. To the voice I tried to drown, I now pour out my heart! The more I learn of Him, the more I yearn for Him! I will blindly submit to Your great Vision. Amen.

A Dream Given April 22, 2016

Last night I had a dream. Again we were in the lobby of what looked like an arena or auditorium. I looked in and saw a man speaking who held a great book so large that he had to unfold its pages. One of the women then took me a distance away and showed me some flowers placed around a great stone carved with letters. She said these flowers almost died…almost became extinct. There were but few left upon all the earth, I took them and hid them. I nurtured and protected them and they are now these 12 distinct colors you see planted around this great stone. I awoke and realized the man speaking was unfolding the Scriptures to all who would listen. The flowers are God’s remnant people. The twelve colors are the as the tribes of Israel planted around the great stone cut out without hands. The great stone is the kingdom of God and Christ. The words written upon the stone are the immutable and unchangeable law. The woman by whom the flowers were preserved was the remnant church of God aided by Holy angels.

3 Dreams Given December 2, 2015

3 dreams I had the night between December 2nd and the morning of the 3rd 2015: In the first dream, I heard the marching of an army with an Arab undertone to its step. After the procession, I saw 3 groups of women dressed in the old fashioned way with no shoes upon their feet. I was in what looked to be like Switzerland. Each little group formed a pyramid by standing on the shoulders of those below her. 3,2,1. 9 in each group. Just as the formation was near perfection, they began to lose their balance. The ground shook like an earthquake and they fell. Immediately, great stones from the sky, not only falling here but everywhere. Some people were crying while others lay dying. I knew that it was supernatural and my own fear let me know my ill standing before God.

In the second dream the same night, I stood at the right hand of a general or great leader of forces. I explained what was happening and what was to come. I said it would take 2-days march; “this thing was happening”; we needed to prepare for it; and we couldn’t walk on Sabbath but on Sunday.

And a third dream the same night, I saw an entire country wiped out from the sky by war, by bombs in the Middle East and this brought on global martial law.

A Dream Given December 1, 2015

A dream I had the night between December 1st and the morning of the 2nd 2015: I saw a field and heard a voice crying for help from below like a damsel in distress but the Spirit told me it was a trap. With this thought came the question; How many have fallen for it? I was able to look within and saw a lot of people had fallen for it. They went down and couldn’t get back out. There were one-way doors and chambers. The first chamber was empty and lonely with a door at the far end. Through this door I saw a small group of people. Each chamber was like a waiting room with groups of people. There were many rooms, each with one-way doors that prevented going back. I was able to pass through to the far end and I saw the experiments. It reminded me of a hospital. I started to warn those in the various rooms and began to block the doors open that they might go back and escape. They didn’t want to go. They seemed in almost like a dreamy state. They were content to stay where they were even with the most vehement warning.

A Dream Given April 27, 2011

Last night, I had a dream. As far as details, I would rather omit than embellish. I and one other, dressed more noble and ancient, stood before a queen to decide and be judged. Being found unfitted or unyielding we were cast down a distance from a cliff. What trees were scattered along the rocky face were not strong enough to break the fall. And, layer by layer, we fell through to level ground below. I asked by what power we had fallen so far yet lived. And, my companion said “by the spirit we live”.

We walked to what looked like a tree or small building nearby. This was refuge, this was the secret storehouse of wisdom. There was no handle visible but only a small hole about the width of a hand. My companion said “by the spirit we enter in”. He reached into the small opening and his hand began to glow as it came near a latch hidden just inside and below this small opening. He withdrew his hand and again said “by the spirit we enter in”. He repeated the same action as before, only this time the hand took hold of the inner latch and opened a door.

Inside were shelves and books along the narrow way. On the walls were formulas and writings of wisdom too complex to grasp in a fleeting glance. I could tell this was a place of earnest study and long hours of devotion. Only upon going the full distance could we see yet another door to the right leading to another small and narrow room. This room was similar to the first but didn’t seem to be used or discovered as often as the former room. Thinking this must be a place of greatest power, I began to look around and see what secrets might be here. But, just as before, at the very end, and only after careful searching, did I see yet another door. Rather than the detailed symbols and formulas found along the way, this door was covered with what looked like the writings of children. On torn pieces of paper were dozens of simple, uncomplicated writings. My mind tried to grasp what this meant and how they came to be there. Sadly, before I could solve the riddle or open this door, I awoke.

One other detail that stands out for me is that the inner chambers were greater in size than that which held them. That is to say, what looked small from the outside was vast and winding inside.

Take from this what you will and leave whatever comments come to mind.